Saturday, January 11, 2014

One more Christmas project to show . . .

Back in September I showed here on my blog a collection of Christmas fabrics and the beginnings of a Christmas quilt that I was making.  My goal was to have the quilt done by Christmas.  I did make that goal, but I did not get pictures taken of it until today so did not get it shared on my blog.  I decided before I pack the quilt away until next Christmas I would share some pictures of my completed Christmas quilt.  

As I mentioned back in September, the blocks used to make this quilt were the Disappearing 4-patch.  Missouri Star Quilt Co. has made a good YouTube tutorial on how to make this block.  This is an easy and fun quilt block to make.  

The quilt spent the majority of the Christmas season draped over the back of our couch in the family room and was used to wrap up in for movie watching. 

If you look closely you will notice that yet another of my finished quilts for this year ended up with a striped binding.

Time to get the rest of the Christmas decorations packed away for another year. -- Merrilee


  1. I love the quilts you have done. The oldest quilt on my bucket list is the the VW bug quilt I started for my son many moons age! That is the one I will be working on soon! Plus I have so many in my head!!
    Mhy email is